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Conservation is a big word with a simple meaning. It's all about protecting our planet to help nature thrive. Earth has many natural resources that need protected, such as water, soil, minerals, wildlife, and forests - we must help to make sure that these resources will still be around in the future.

What is conservation?
Why is conservation important?

Conservation is important because every single plant and animal on Earth, including us humans, depend on each other to be able to survive. Every creature on Earth needs three very important things to live:

Food to eat
Water to drink
A place for shelter

If we don't try to conserve the Earth's natural resources, these things will be very hard for creatures to find. For example, lots of scientists and politicians are in the news talking about something called deforestation. This is where humans cut down large areas of forest to make things like wood, or palm oil or even make space for farms and dams. With large areas of forest cut away, it will be much harder for animals to find food, as trees will no longer be there to grow fruit, or provide shelter for animals such as birds, monkeys, insects, and more. Therefore, animals can no longer survive in that forest.

If we don't help to protect the Earth's resources, so many creatures - and eventually even us humans - won't be able to survive. This is why we have to take action now so that planet Earth remains a safe and healthy planet to live on for millions of years to come.

Rainforest Gallery

Conservation Status is a term that scientests use when discussing how at risk a species of animal is. They do this by using a special chart.

This species is at a very high risk of becoming extinct!
This species needs a little extra help!
Not worried at all!
conservation status.png
Scientists will keep a
close eye on the species.
Scientists will take immediate action to help protect this species.
This species has not survived in the wild and now only live in zoos and nature reserves.
There are no more of this species remaining.

Here at the farm park, we have 

Conservation Status


Meerkats look cute but they are tough - they are immune to some different types of snake venom. 


Meerkats are super smart! A recent study at St Andrews University found meerkats use complex coordinated behaviour, which rivals that of chimps, dolphins and even humans.


Meerkats don't drink water! Even though the desert is dry, meerkats get all the moisture they need from the insects that they eat.


Meerkats have amazing eyesight. They can see birds from miles away on the horizon! Long, horizontal pupils give them a wide range of vision without having to turn their head. They also have a membrane to cover their eyes for protection whilst they dig.

Meerkat Fun Facts

Conservation Status

conservation status.png

Learn more about Conservation Status here. 

Conservation Status
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