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Health & Safety

We want you and your group to have a happy and healthy visit to the farm! Read on below for tips and adivce on how you can stay safe during your visit.

Is it safe to visit Farm Parks?

Heads of Ayr Farm Park is not a working farm, and no animals are grazed in areas accessible to the public. Animals carry different germs to us, some of which can be transmitted to humans where they can cause ill health. The worst is bacterium E Coli 0157. Pregnant women need to take particular care. We have a clear safety record from E Coli.

Is it safe for pregnant visitors?

We have never had a problem with pregnant visitors and contamination; however extra care is needed if you are interacting with livestock who are giving birth, or with any newborn lambs or kids. Please be assured that this is very unlikely. Any animals who are giving birth are in a special pen away from the main park, and newborns are not introduced to our visitors until several weeks after their birth.

Do you have a risk assessment?

We work with the local authority as well as national experts to constantly assess the safety of our park. As part of our approach to health and safety, we continually risk assess all activities. Organised groups will receive a standard Risk Assessment with their booking pack. 

Does the park have liability insurance?

Heads of Ayr Farm Park is fully insured and has Public Liability Insurance to the value of £5,000,000.

What steps can I take to make
sure my visit is safe?

There are a few steps that you should take to ensure the children remain healthy during your visit:


  • Ensure everyone knows the importance of washing hands thoroughly with soap and water after animal contact and before eating.

  • Only eat in the designated food areas, and not next to animals and animal enclosures.

  • Do not kiss the animals.

  • Do not eat or taste the animal food (may contain nut traces).

  • Be aware that all children may touch their face, suck their thumbs, and bite their fingernails around animals and try to discourage this.

  • Please read and follow the instructions regarding the rules and restrictions around the park.

  • Do not allow the children to chase, scare or torment animals.

  • Ensure that children have appropriate clothing and footwear for the day, such as coats in the rain and socks on the indoor play equipment. Bare legs must also be covered if using the drop slides.

What facilities do you have?

There are three toilet blocks, each equipped with baby changing & disabled facilities. These can be found next to the restaurant, in our Play Barn, and inside the Animal Barn.

Our first aid room is located near the restaurant. If you require first aid attention or witness an emergency, please contact a member of staff immediately. We have first aiders working every day and emergency procedures in place.

We have hand washing and hand sanitising facilities all over the park.

What COVID-19 safety measures do you have in place?

Read more about staying safe from COVID-19 here

Is your park accessible for all?

Download our accessibility statement here

Health and Safety
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